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Glee: see Rachel Berry in her wedding dress!

The're fans of the cult series Glee finally have the chance to see what it looks like Miss Rachel Berry in her wedding dress. This is Ryan Murphy, creator of the series, which was a surprise to fans via his Twitter account.

Fans of the series Glee have been taken over by the end of season 3 seeing Rachel Finn and separate. But today, the creative genius of the show got us a surprise by unveiling a video of a scene from an episode of season 3. In this scene that pays homage to the movie My Best Friends, Rachel tries on wedding dress with all the girls of the Glee Club.

Though intended to be broadcast in the final episode of season 3, Ryan Murphy has chosen not to include the scene in the series, but is still a surprise to his fans by publishing it via his Twitter account.

Anyway, Ryan loves to surprises his fans since the beginning of the week, he published pictures of the filming of season 4 of the show. After publishing a picture of Lea with Kate Hudson, a guest of the show, he also revealed yesterday that the great Anna Wintour would help make the costumes for Sarah Jessica Parker for his part in the series. So many surprises that await us in this new season of the show!