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The white does not re-sample - Funny a summer

Whether white dress, suit suit or shorts suits, was pure and fresh and free from vulgarity white but because of the different style presents different style,this summer,white because of your change.

suit suit

Anne Hathaway was wearing a white tuxedo-style jacket with one-ninth of the long white trousers, take a printed shirt, fresh color to bring out her pure sweet temperament;Abigail Clancy was wearing a white suit jacket with white feet set of Slim pants, The bold way they dress chest lines looming, very sexy.

Goddess dress

Mena Suvar wearing a white flowing pleated skirt, scattered rank skirt the whole skirt with layered white wide belt with a black handbag complement each other, the goddess of the full range; Cheryl Cole was wearing a white stitching theVictoria Beckham dress to attend the activities below the normal waist line skirt designed to increase the white dress sense of design, simplicity is not simple.

Slim dress

Jessica Stam wearing a the Marchesa beige collar prom dress to attend the activity, waist and the neckline, pleated design is full of the sense of design; collar inlaid jewelry at a low-key luxury; Kate Beckinsale wearing Dior's long-sleeved Slim dress to attend the activities, long-sleeved andthe high neck design details make the whole look is very elegant and intellectual.

Shorts suit

Leighton Meester in a Christian Cota white sleeveless jacket and white shorts attend activities, inside take a loose printing T-shirt, avant-garde fashion; Selena Gomez Versace in the bottom of the printing of brief paragraph coat and with knickers, outside of a white bud silk coat, sexy at the same time, yet fresh.

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